Stretch Mark Removal
3 Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

Treatment #1 - Mineral Soak
The 15 day mineral soak from fontaine is our most recommended way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It can be done at home and it affordable. It is also non-invasive and all natural. The treatment has a solid reputation as being very effective. You can visit the site below at...

Natural Skin Tightening:
How to Tighten Skin



before/after 15 day mineral soak

Treatment #2 - Daily Almond Oil
Almond oil is chalk full of vitamin-e and is excellent for stretch mark removal. Almond oil also is great for keeping the skin moist which is an essential part the treatment process. This is obviously an all natural and non-invasive method which is a huge plus. For more information on almond oil and stretch mark removal check out...

Information about all natural skin whitening products can be found here.


Treatment #3 - Massaging w/ Cocoa Butter
Like almond oil cocoa butter is full of vitamin-e and is a natural moisturizer. If you massage the cocoa butter into your stretch marks it will loosen them and cause them to fade slightly. This method takes a little work but if you stick with it you will probably start to see some really satisfying results.

Stretch Mark Removal using Cocoa Butter


Bonus Treatment - Eat a lot of Fruit!
A good way to start to get rid of stretch marks is simply to start eating more fruit. It seems to easy to be true, and the results will be subtle for sure but it really does work. Since a large amount of fruit is recommended we suggest making fruit smoothies. This way you'll get a ton of fruit intake. Your whole days worth and more can be made into a medium sized fruit smoothie.

Stretch Mark Removal using Cocoa Butter


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Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Mark Removal

How much of a difference in getting rid of stretch marks can these treatments really make?

This is a fair question to ask. Luckily there is a lot of research done on the subject and the results are encouraging. The science shows the you can achieve near total stretch mark removal by using only passive non-surgical method. The best path is to do a few stretch mark removal remedies at once and continue to o them into the long term. If these methods still don't deliver the results your seeking only then would we recommend looking into a riskier method such as laser surgery.

Should I get laser surgery or cosmetic surgery?

As mentioned above we strongly recommend trying every non-invasive method possible. We actually consider surgery to be only appropriate in extreme cases. Stretch marks are simply a part of life. especially a woman's life. Our attitude is that you change what you can and you accept what you can't. In other words keep at the non-invasive methods and never ever get cosmetic surgery.

I need more information. What can I do?

The web is amazing resource where you can find a great wealth of information. We recommend the mayo clinic website on stretch marks here. You can also send your questions to